Amanda & Steven

Norton House Hotel, Edinburgh

From the moment I met Amanda & Steven, I knew this wedding was going to be a day filled with fun, laughter, and love.  


It was a beautiful sunny day at Norton House with an autumnal warmth to the air.  As the doors opened to the gorgeous ceremony room and the bridal party entered, looks of joy and emotion across their faces, the happy couple were reunited at the top of the aisle, ready to bring together their two families.


During the speeches love was definitely air and it was clear from the reactions across the room how important the family are to each other. Later that night guests surrounded the happy couple as they took to the floor for their first dance as Husband and Wife, soon becoming a trio with Amanda’s son joining them.


Amanda and Steven’s wedding was a truly wonderful day to be part of and as I left the guests dancing up a storm I knew it would be a wedding that would stay with me for a long time.  Read more about their day on my blog.

Kate Stevenson Photography
Edinburgh and Lothians Wedding Photographer


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