Lloyds Banking Group

Charity Ball 2017

17th November 2017

Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

During 2017 and 2018 Lloyds Banking Group staff are supporting an exciting new charity partnership with Mental Health UK. The partnership aims to promote awareness of the link between mental health and money problems, encourage discussion between customers and staff and raise at least £2million per year in offices and branches across the UK. 

Through the partnership, they will work with Mental Health UK to create a pioneering Mental Health and Money Advice Service which will offer support for people experiencing both mental health and financial difficulties.

As part of their fundraising campaign, a charity ball was organised at the gorgeous Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.  Piped into the hotel, the event started with a bubbly champagne reception and a chance to purchase last minute raffle tickets.  

Frances Simpson, Chief Executive, Support in Mind Scotland attended the evening to represent the charity and give insight into how the funds raised will be used


"The importance of this partnership goes beyond raising money – you are also raising awareness.  Simply by coming out tonight you have taken a stand against the stigma that is still the biggest barrier to people asking for the help they need.  By voting for MHUK and talking about mental health, you are part of a growing movement for change that will help us to create a more open and honest society where it is OK to say that sometimes life is not OK; where saying that you are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression is not a weakness but a strength; where we recognise that we can only resolve problems by talking about them in the first place"

The night progressed with the charity auction up first.  Overnight stays, spa treatments and rugby tickets were bid for with the highlight being a holiday going for £1000.  Raffle prizes were claimed and the fundraising ended with a bush tucker trial where some juicy grubs were eaten by one of the event organisers!


Images of the event can be purchased below through PayPal with 25% of the cost going to Mental Health UK.

Kate Stevenson Photography
Edinburgh and Lothians Wedding Photographer


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